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Hey! My name is Autumn Francisco and I am a mom, a forever student, a mental health advocate, a retired podcast host, a doula in training, and most importantly—a lover. I am from Columbus, OH, and currently reside in Cincinnati. I am working on my Master's of Social Work and my interests include, but are not limited to: individual and couple's psychotherapy, parent-to-child relationships, perinatal mental health—overall family strengthening; as well as reproductive health, rights, and justice. I am also an incoming member of Blaq Birth Circle, a collaborative of black birth workers in my community. 

My passion for birth work, postpartum, and bereavement support stemmed from personal experiences; including a traumatic birth experience that changed my first moments of motherhood. I got so frustrated with hearing "well at least you and the baby are OK," which is true, but my feelings were often invalidated by those who I thought were supposed to make me feel most comfortable—medical professionals. Instead of dwelling on that dark time, I want to be that support for other women to advocate and inform them on all of their options so they can avoid having a birth story like mine. I want to discuss the areas of pregnancy and childbirth that no one talks about, providing authentic support. My intention is to create a space for growth, healing, and empowerment.

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