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Book me for your next event. I offer keynote speaking, panel discussions, podcast/vlog features, & more!

Core Topics:

  • Being Your Authentic Self

  • Black Mental Health

  • Emotional Wellness

  • Establishing Boundaries

  • Generational Trauma

  • Family Strengthening

  • Motherhood

  • Relationships

  • And More!

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Helping individuals make their goals more attainable by diving into their emotions.

Accept, Activate and Ascend 5-week coaching program

  • Accept your feelings, thoughts, traumas, and emotions

  • Activate your power by releasing any tension from the past and focusing on the now 

  • Ascend and move forward by using the tools you’ve gained to prepare for your next lesson and navigate life 

Work With Me: About Us

I've been close friends with Autumn for 4 years and beyond being my most trusted friend, has coached me through some of the most difficult times of my life. Everyone has that person who they call on for advice and Autumn is the absolute best. No matter what the circumstance, she is always honest yet careful to not judge even if she may disagree. Beyond advice, Autumn offers wisdom and perspectives that you may not have considered. Throughout the years she has unknowingly provided me with valuable tools to cope. Without Autumn I would not have pursued therapy as soon as I did and I would still be naive to underlying issues or implement boundaries throughout my relationships. She listens to you, sympathizes with, and gets to the root of the issue. It’s a blessing to call her a friend but she has been far more. I owe much of my everyday peace to Autumn who has helped me live in the present moment and always strive to be better.

Christina S.

Autumn has become more than just a friend to me, she has become an outlet not only to listen to my problems. But one that can communicate and understand things I myself go through in life and people in general go through. We met through our transition of being raised in low poverty neighborhoods to becoming full time college students. Still until this day she helps me with the adjustment to adulthood and releasing trauma, habits, and generations of unhealthy traditions that are passed down in these neighborhoods and Black families. She does not just give advice but she also will take advice and let me know that she is still human herself and she does not have all of the answers. But, she will provide steps, resources, and feedback, in order for one to be able to build themselves into becoming a better and person more stable human being.

Adrian S.

Work With Me: Testimonials
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