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Every pregnancy is different. Whether you had an abortion, an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, or a stillbirth; you are still going to experience some emotions. If you have to carry full-term knowing your baby will not survive, we are here for you, too. As a certified infant and pregnancy loss advocate, Autumn is here to support you in ways you may not be able to express.

*only offering bereavement services at this time


Termination and Miscarriage Support

- help with scheduling/choosing the best clinic for you to reduce stress

- phone or video call before and after your appointment (or join you at your appointment if the clinic allows)- discuss all options

- care package

- follow up for up to 8-weeks post appointment

 Stillbirth and other support

- create a birth plan

- one-on-one support for the grieving parents

-memory box remembering your baby

- postpartum recovery and milk production

- assist with getting a birth certificate

- help plan remembrance and contact

funeral homes as you see fit to reduce stress

- follow up for up to 8-weeks after passing

- referral to any other services that may help​​​, such as counseling

*while some services are complementary, we offer a sliding scale based on income and payment plans. Donations are also encouraged and appreciated. Donate here and contact below for more information.

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